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Why Most Internet Businesses Fail!

There are a number of reasons many Internet businesses fail. The chief amongst these is giving up prematurely.

Most of us come on the Internet and really want to believe the get-rich-quick statements we find in great abundance. In fact, you can hardly get through ten sites or e-zines without being exposed to some method of quickly getting rich.

The great majority of us simply will not get rich over-night. While there have been those few, very rare individuals throughout history who have gained great wealth almost immediately through inventing or developing some item that became very popular almost overnight, that has proven to be the exception and not the rule.

A lot of us take leave of our common sense when exposed to these get-rich-quick programs. Our logical minds tell us that products and services have to be sold in order for the money to flow. If everything is free, what is generating the money we hope to get?

We discard the facts in the hope that we just may have stumbled into a gold or diamond mine and all we have to do is help ourselves to the gold and diamonds. We fail to realize it takes time, effort, money and equipment to mine the gold and diamonds.

Most who become wealthy do so through investing great amounts of time and effort consistently and persistently until they succeed. When they encountered obstacles, they continue on until they found a way through, around or over them. They would not be stopped.

We have been "brain-washed" into believing the Internet is pure magic and will turn us into instant millionaires with little or no investment of time, money and effort on our part. Thus, when we do not immediately begin making great amounts of money we throw our hands up in despair and cry "This doesn't work!"

What do we do then? We rush off in search of the next get-rich-quick scheme. It is human nature to always seek the easiest way to accomplish something. What we often fail to understand is that hope needs to be tempered with logic and reality to a certain degree.

I suspect that were we to be totally honest with ourselves when we fail at anything, we would be unable to say we had really given it our best effort over a long enough period to show valid results.

The truth of the matter is that the Internet has become the great equalizer for all of us. It gives us the opportunity to fairly compete with even the largest of corporations. It is not an excuse for us to take leave of our senses.

The Internet provides instant access to a broad spectrum of humanity. Your items may not sell well locally, but they could be in great demand somewhere in the global market-place. The difficulty is in identifying and locating the people who need or want your product or service. However, it can be and is being done.

Somewhere on this planet there are people who want or need what you have to offer. Through continued effort you will be able to connect with them. There are over six billion people on this earth, so the odds are greatly in your favor.

One of the major keys to success is to be consistent and persistent. When you find the way you are doing things isn't working, try something different. Keep trying until you find those things that do work for you. Persist!

Remember always that quitters never win and winners never quit. It is when things look the absolute worst that a change for the better is just over the horizon.

P.S. If there is someone out there who can show me how money can be made without products or services being sold (other than inheriting it or winning it in a lottery), please let me and everyone else know about it. Basically, show me something that takes no money, time and effort to create substantial wealth.

Wishing you great success in all your endeavors!

Robert Taylor
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