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Articles and Tips About Making Money Online

WHAT BETTER WAY to learn how to make money online than to learn how others make money online!

Read the following articles, some written by extremely successful online business types, and learn from their successes (and mistakes)!

Suitable for beginners to experts alike, you can learn:

  • how it is possible to make money online;

  • how to build a successful website;

  • how to choose the right affiliate program;

  • learn why most Internet businesses fail;

  • learn about the the importance of testing;

  • and much, much more!

Above all else you will learn about the importance of learning from others...

Do remember, though, that reading (and learning) is completely pointless if you don't take action afterwards

Read on!

(Then do!)

But first...


What you Need To Know - free online business ebook by Paul Myers, download here!What You Need to Know...

What do you need to know to succeed online?

Well I could list a whole load of tips, tools and marketing techniques that you'll need to use.

I could even mention personal skills/qualities like positive attitude, determination and goal-setting.

Or I could just try to sell you something! (And you wouldn't expect that on a site called, would you? :-) )

Instead of all that - thankfully - I have a simple answer:

Read Paul Myers' free book called 'Need to Know'.

Paul Myers writes an invaluable (and free) business newsletter called TalkBiz News. And from back issues of this newsletter (mostly) he's compiled an ebook that quite literally covers what you need to know to succeed in online business - all based on his 12+ years of selling, preselling, affiliate marketing, copywriting, email marketing and (definitely) succeeding online..

And all you have to do to get Need to Know is subscribe to TalkBiz News - which is free, and invaluable!

Do I really need to go on?

Okay, I will...

All you need to know about Paul's 'Need to Know' ebook

  • Paul's ebook is free. Just subscribe to TalkBiz News, again this is free, and the ebook is yours (And you are free to unsubscribe straight after, too. But don't be too hasty...)

  • Chapters in 'Need to Know' include

    Introduction: Getting the most from this book
    Chapter 1: The 5 Things it Takes to Succeed Online
    Chapter 7: Of Wombats and Men (all about the non-importance of grammar in online communication)
    Chapter 8: The Most Important Skill
    Chapter 9: "Where's the Party?" (all about the difference between features and benefits)
    Chapter 14: The World is Your Playground (all about having fun when you do business)

  • The ebook contains 101 pages. It's a great read, one chapter at a time, actually (once you've read it all cover to cover, first, of course!)

'Need to Know' is all written in Paul's easy, often controversial, always intelligent and thought-provoking way.

And it's all based on his online experiences that have seen fads come and go, internet marketers rise and fall, some beginners succeed whilst most continue to fail. As Paul puts it in 'Need to Know':

"The biggest problem most people have with making money online, and the reason so many flounder around for years, frustrated and disillusioned, is that they don't have a clear plan. They don't know how to figure out what they need to know for their own business, and they don't know how to adjust when they learn new things or see new offers."

And even experienced, successful online marketers will benefit from reading Need to Know. Though I know that they do not need me to tell them about Paul Myers and his legendary business wisdom. :-)

"When a person expresses an opinion on a thing,
he is telling you more about himself than about that thing."

Oh oh! :-)

Well, in Paul's case and with respect to 'Need to Know' I am more than happy to be judged accordingly.

I would say one last thing: Paul's newsletter TalkBiz News, just like his Need to Know ebook, probably contains more business wisdom than you can actually use (right now, anyway). Quite often a couple of sentences from Paul can spark a whole range of ideas in me, or new ways of thinking about an existing problem, so this will be all I (and maybe you?) need to focus on for a while. It all depends on your current level of business skills, really. Anyway...

I highly recommend that you take the following 2 steps:

  1. Download 'Need to Know' (and subscribe to TalkBiz News)
  2. Read 'Need to Know' ebook

A final last thing: I've been a subscriber of Paul Myers' TalkBiz News for many, many years. It is, quite simply, the best online business newsletter I've ever read, free or not. So if you make time to not only read 'Need to Know' but put the relevant bits of it for you and your business into action, then I'm certain that your online business will grow accordingly. (Paul's ebook can even help those serious individuals who don't even have an online business yet!)

"To live your life your own way is the best last word." -- Paul Myers

You can't argue with that. Well, I can't anyway. Can you?


Download 'Need to Know' here!


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PS Want to know my top tip for succeeding online?

Answer: Use SBI! (Site Build It!).

SBI! (Site Buildt It!) is an all-in-one internet business-building software service that allows people from all walks of life, and with all kinds of skills and desires, to succeed online. How? Well, SBI provides you with the tools to build your site (whether complete beginner or web expert) and a long-term site-building philosophy (see how SBI! works here!) that enables you to create successful content-based websites that both the search engines and your site visitors like. All you have to do is provide your Brain, Attitude and Motivation (or BAM, for short). Simple really, and do-able...

Check out my free guide to SBI! here...


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