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101 Supertips by Harvey Segal

Harvey Segal has done it again! He's produced a great resource containing loads of tips (101 tips to be precise) that can really help you build, promote and profit more online.

And 101 Supertips is free!

I highly recommend that you download 101 Supertips, read, then do!

About 101 Supertips

Well, to quote from the ebook (I'm so lazy! ;-) ):

"The main sections, and the tips within each section, all follow in a logical sequence. Here is the order of the main sections.

Download Supertips Ebook

  • "We start with advice for Newbies and how they can quickly get acquainted with the world of online marketing. (P.S. Even experienced marketers should read this section).
  • The ideal way for newbies to start earning, even without a website, is to promote Affiliate Programs
  • Very soon you must have a website so we then discuss Website Design And Content followed by Website Promotion
  • Now it's time to develop your own product and become a merchant as explained in From Affiliate To Merchant
  • What product to develop ? The answer is found in Ebook Publishing
  • The key to success is to exploit niche areas, for which you need Theme Sites (mini sites and content sites)
  • With these sites you need to follow up on your visitors with a mailing list or a newsletter: see how with Ezine Publishing
  • By now with a rapidly growing online business you need to address aspects of Security and Recovery
  • Who can advise you ? Let's ask the Experts
  • Then some advice about dealing with Companies
  • By now you're a busy marketer so you need some Productivity Ideas
  • And Finally we end with some special Super Tips"


Who can believe that this is a free resource?

But his is how Harvey Segal works!

(Admittedly, some products he recommends may well earn him a modest commission. Even then, you can rebrand the ebook yourself, with your own affiliate links.)

You just can't lose.

So, as I said above: download, read, then do Harvey Segal's excellent 101 Supertips

(Hmm, there is one proviso: it's only available to PC users, or MAC users who have PC-emulation software!)

Steve M Nash

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