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At Least 6 Success Tips For A More Profitable Year, Online

I learn something new every week - do you?

Well that's how I started this article in 2003, after my
very first successful year online, as a full-time
affiliate marketer.

Whilst each year following continues to throw up new
challenges, there are still several ways of 'doing things
right', that can improve your chances of success this year.

So what follows are essential tips to help you do just

The success tips that follow can help you focus; they can
help you save time; they can help you 'do the right
things'; and they can help you succeed, as they continue to
help me succeed, online.

So let's begin with an obvious tip, shall we.


Plan what work you're going to do, and stick to the plan.

A plan could consist of a set of daily activities - reply to
your emails, visit a forum or two, create more content for
your site - or it could consist of a set of activities you
want to complete in a given month.

Whatever your approach, make sure you plan it first.

Recommended: I can highly recommend Mark Joyner's Simpleology
to get you started with planning (and more)
- .



Try not to rely on one source of income, or one website, or
one marketing strategy (only using Google AdWords for

I have been relying on getting free traffic from Google for
far too long. And now, due to recent changes in the way
Google works, this strategy is failing. (Read how Harvey
Segal has responded to 'not ranking well on Google'
- .)

Do you rely too much on Google, or a particular marketing

And what would happen if this strategy suddenly stopped

Make sure you put some alternative strategies in place.



Commit to continuing to learn on a regular basis. You can do
this via an online forum, via a free ebook or website, or
you can buy a suitable internet marketing product/service
from a source that you trust and respect.

Don't trust anyone, yet? Well take a look at some of
the Internet Marketers that I trust, and some of the free
ezines I regularly read
- .



Your attitude to success (and failure) is all important.

There are plenty of ways to succeed online, as you may well
know; ultimately, however, what you do is not as important,
as *how* you do it.

I'm talking about your attitude. A positive attitude,
combined with persistence, and a willingness to keep on
learning, will seriously improve your chances of success.

Here are a few pointers, to turn around your attitude,
should it be necessary:

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right!"
- Henry Ford

"Stop wasting time on things you're not passionate about."
- Phil Wiley from

"Successful people KNOW the best way to ensure *their*
success is by helping other people become successful... You
earn money *only* through satisfying the needs and wants of

- Boris Vene and Nikola Grubisa from

(Note: after reading that statement I decided to create a
helpful guide to buying a digital camera, here
- .)

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn

- John Wesley Powell

Et cetera.

Get your attitude right, simple as that.



These tips below are some that featured in the original
version of this article. Basically, if you get things right
once then make sure you keep on doing them right.

- Get right to the point with your website. What is it's
main purpose? What is it's secondary purpose?
Learn more:

- Spend time on activities that make you money. If you don't
know what activities these are, then find out.
Learn more:

- Words still matter on the web. Learn to write copy that is
both clear, helpful to your site visitor, written with your
voice, AND that the search engines like.
Learn more:



Backup your work on a regular basis.

This is a very easy thing to state, but a very difficult
thing to implement. We all know that we should backup our
files, our mailing lists, our databases, our websites, but
how many of us do it!

So this tip applies to everyone, including me.

Again, backup your work.

Don't just nod your head in agreement - do it!


Okay, that's enough.

It's now over to you to integrate these successful tips and
strategies into your business life.

Keep learning, keep using the right tools, and keep
persevering, and you will succeed online. (And if you're
still looking for help, then why not visit Mark Joyner's the science of getting what you want.
It's really helped me.)

Wishing you your most profitable year, yet.

Steve M Nash


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