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Make Money Online With No Website and No Product -
"Build your own Net auction business."

It sounds good, doesn't it - selling online, with no website and no product!?

And even better, you get to clear out your loft (attic), cellar (basement) or cupboard (closet) whilst you're at it! (And it's NOT network marketing, so don't worry!)

I'm not talking about Car-boot (or garage) sales either, but you're almost there!

"Sell - and buy - via online auctions!"

After all we all own things that we no longer want; items that others are willing to buy from us! And online auctions allow you to sell (and buy) those items online.

"Yes, build your own Net auction business."


Ever heard of Ebay?

It's an online auction site - one of the MOST VISITED sites on the Net - brim full with people eager to sell (and buy) goods online! And If you know what you're doing on Ebay (or any auction site) you can quite easily turn this into a very lucrative, even life-changing, business!

As with all things Internet, there are many how-to Auction guides available. However, the best of these guides is probably Sydney Johnstone's "Make Your Net Auction Sell!" Sydney learned about online auctions the slow way via trial and error but now she makes a (very good) living out of using online auctions!

There are SO MANY good things about selling via online auctions, but I particularly like the low-risks involved. I like the fact that:

  • Your customers are already looking for your items, especially on the big auction sites like Ebay or Amazon;

  • You can sell (almost) anything and it suits anyone (not just stamp-collectors!);

  • You can do market research, at no expense to yourself!

  • You can simply use an auction site to promote your website or affiliate program

Her book, based on her sometimes frustrating experiences, allows you to focus on building a successful online auction business, right from the start. Or it can simply show you how to get the most out of sites like Ebay - it's up to you!

Recommended resources:

Here are some more examples, courtesy of Ebay itself

We all own something, and now - using online auctions - we can all make money online!

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Steve M Nash

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