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Internet Marketing: I Don't Know Everything and Neither Do You

Internet marketing can be confusing, I think you'll agree.

You read so much conflicting advice, all of which promises
to solve your particular problems. It needn't be this way.
I've learnt lots of invaluable skills & techniques from both
free and paid-for resources, produced by so-called gurus.
And you can do this too! Find a 'voice' that you trust, or
simply subscribe to a few internet marketing related ezines;
read, learn, then do!

And ignore the rest... for now. This article gets you started!


Wherever you go, internet marketing sites tell you that they
have the solution to your money-making woes! These sales-
letter sites all know how to 'Create An Avalanche Of Sales';
they all know how to 'Skyrocket Traffic'; they all offer
you... well, whatever it is that you're looking for!

They all claim that their product, and only their product,
is the answer.

(Some even have answers to questions you hadn't even thought
of - now *that* is confusing!)

The trouble is that there are SO MANY marketing sites, and
they often contain conflicting information; so it *is easy*
to feel confused and overwhelmed by it all.

So WHAT do you believe, and WHO do you trust?

And HOW do you learn?

Remember! None of us know everything about internet
marketing, and we ALL need help from time to time.

And, with hard study and application on your part, some of
these internet marketing sites can really help you succeed

Yes, but which ones?


Ken Evoy
Jim Daniels
Jonathan Mizel
: :
Neil Shearing
: :

Michael Green
Harvey Segal
Yanik Silver
: :
John Reese
: :
(not exhaustive)

== Aside ==
A much larger list of gurus can be found at Guru Daq. It
doesn't measure how successful a marketer is, but Guru Daq
is still worth visiting. As it says on their site: "...The
Share price being based on the Rankings of their main site,
Backlinks, News Items and The Gurus General popularity on
this site..."
== Aside ==

I've visited sites (and read the free and paid-for
newsletters) belonging to Evoy, Gehl, Daniels, Mizel etc.,
enough times to realise that these people know what they're
talking about. They understand internet marketing, and all
offer products, services and advice that shares this
knowledge with you.

Please don't misunderstand!

I don't expect to be as successful as Dr Ken Evoy or Yanik
Silver after reading their ebooks, or using their products,
but I do expect to be more successful, especially if I *do*
what they suggest (rather than just read about it).

And that is the point. ALL of the above individuals are very
bright, hard-working folk - they *do*, and they learn from
what they do. (They probably also learn from each other,

They all offer to share their knowledge and skills to help
you be more successful online. Sometimes advice is free, and
other times you have to pay. Either way, you win!



So who else do I turn to for advice?

Well, I subscribe to a select group of newsletters (ezines)
to do with all aspects of internet marketing. I recommend
all of the following publications which are pitched between
beginner and expert.

I recommend that you only subscribe to a few newsletters;
find authors or editors you feel comfortable with and trust.
And then learn from them. ALL of the editors below put a lot
of time and effort into their publications simply to help
you succeed online! Take advantage, and learn!

Please note that I list these resources in no particular
order. However, I can highly recommend all of them to you
as all have helped me to either build, promote or profit
more from my websites since I started doing business online in

* TalkBiz News

"Hard core 'how to' for business"

Editor: Paul Myers
Frequency: Several times per month

New! Download Paul Myers' powerful business 'how to' ebook "Need To Know", just for subscribing

* WillMaster Possibilities

"Exploring the programming possibilities of the Web"

Editor: William and Mari Bontrager
Frequency: Weekly

* The Sitepoint Tribune

"News, Rants and Case Studies for Web Design

Editor: Brendon Sinclair
Frequency: Weekly

* Associate Programs Newsletter

"Insider tips, news on affiliate programs and more."

Editor: Allan Gardyne
Frequency: Few times per month

* Ezine Tips

"Resources and connections to internet writers &

Editor: Chris Knight
Frequency: Several times per month

* Search Engine News [#]
"Publishers of The Unfair Advantage of the Search Engine

President: Stephen Mahaney
Frequency: Monthly (start of month)

[#] - Not free, but definitely worth the subscription.

(Again, this list is by no way exhaustive, but it's a
start. I'm sure the ezine/website you're reading this
article in/on is a fine resource too!
;-) )

It is *very easy* to unsubscribe from all the above
publications. So why not try one out: I get something
valuable from each publication!


I could list some online resources about internet marketing,
but I gently suggest that you subscribe to some of the
publications above, and see what their respective editors


*You can* succeed online, and there are many people willing
to help, quite often for free!

Find a few 'voices' that you trust, via a newsletter or
website, and learn from them (ignore the rest).

Don't kid yourself, though! It takes a lot of hard (and
smart) work to succeed on the Internet. But all of us can
learn from others
, either gurus or smaller voices like my

Steve M Nash


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