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About Steve M Nash

Image of Steve M NashAbout Me &


My Name is Steve M Nash - owner of Steve Nash Ltd. - and this is my site dedicated to showing how you (or anyone!) can sell online.

Who am I? I'm just an everyday person like you - I don't make millions online, but I do make a full-time living. And, no, I'm not that North American sports star, who stole my name! ;-)

"Steve, you are a diamond
in the Internet rough!"

Jason of ( circa 2001)

Anyway, my site,, is particularly useful to beginners, but everyone can learn more about making money online

So what's all about? is... No Sales Letter Site

This is no sales letter site. OK, so it looks like a sales letter site - I even have my own testimonial! - but it isn't. I don't sell products online (yet!), and there are no systems to join, but I have bought and used some excellent products and tools, AND I know of some great free resources too

All can help you make money online! And this is what is all about.

There Is... No Hype (I hope!) contains no hype (I hope) - I am British after all! - just tips and advice, combined with a need for some good old-fashioned hard work. You will not succeed online (or offline) without it. Anyone looking for easy ways to Internet riches should stop reading now (and carry on clicking-and-hoping!).

There Are... No Products To Buy

There are no products to buy! Well, all right, there are some products I recommend, but there's enough free information to get you started in making money online here, or - if you're already making some money - there's enough advice, tips and resources to help you make more.


It's Just... A How-to Guide, Tips, And Great Money-Making Resources

This is just a simple how-to-make-money-online guide, based on my own online experiences, products I've bought, and products and services that others recommend.

You'll also find plenty of excellent tips and advice, provided free from seasoned professionals and others. And you'll find links to the best resources, tools and ebooks that can help anyone make money online.

It's not just about reading, though, it's about doing too! And attitude is everything - so you'll learn how others approach the business of making money online too.

In short, making money online is a combination of developing your skills, learning from others, using the right tools, and putting in hard work. And it's all here - the rest is up to you! (Read more in this success tips article!)


OK, How Do I Make Money Online?

Well I make money from affiliate marketing right now. And I make money from a variety of affiliate programs and via Google AdSense, from these websites.

What Tools Do I Use To Make Money Online?

That's easy. Take a look at my favourite tools here (pop-up window)

Do come back often - I aim to update this site on a regular basis, as new means of making money online evolve and old means become old!

Thanks for visiting and reading so far,

sites hat smnash dot com

PS Want to know my top tip for succeeding online?

Answer: Use SBI! (Site Build It!).

SBI! (Site Buildt It!) is an all-in-one internet business-building software service that allows people from all walks of life, and with all kinds of skills and desires, to succeed online. How? Well, SBI provides you with the tools to build your site (whether complete beginner or web expert) and a long-term site-building philosophy (see how SBI! works here!) that enables you to create successful content-based websites that both the search engines and your site visitors like. All you have to do is provide your Brain, Attitude and Motivation (or BAM, for short). Simple really, and do-able...

Check out my free guide to SBI! here...


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