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3 Website Tips

Chapter 4

Bonus Tactic:
Viral Marketing Using Ebooks

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Use viral marketing to sell your products!

You can learn what I mean by viral marketing by reading this article on viral marketing.

But if you want to begin viral marketing right now, you can!

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And if you'd like to do this with one of your own ebooks, visit
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3 Website Tips: acknowledgements

This ebook has been written by me, Steve M Nash, but I couldn't have written it
without help from others, especially Dr Ken Evoy and his Site Build It! site.

I learned about the give-then-take principle, underlying the ethos of this ebook,
when I became an owner of a Site Build It! website (SBI!). SBI! is a unique
all-in-one tool aimed at letting the small business owner build, promote and
profit without technical skills or search engine skills; s/he just needs to be
passionate about their business.

(I've tried to explain SBI! in this free guide to SBI, but it's not an easy job! :-) .)

So I guess if I was to try and reduce my 3 Super-Tactics to a single sentence,
it would be this: be passionate about your business!

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or simply do me a favour, here - http://www.wise-buys.info/favor.shtml

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