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3 Website Tips

Chapter 3

Profit Tactic:
Build Trust In You And Your Website

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So you want to sell online!

You've got a great product or service; you're much cheaper than the competition; and
you know you offer great after-sales support.

Great stuff.

Here's a question for you, though: why should I buy something from your website?

Or, more to the point, why should I trust you?

If you are Coca Cola or Nike or Microsoft then you probably don't have to worry about
building trust online (as you've already spent millions building trust in your brand, offline).
For the rest of us, building trust matters.

After all, what's the point of shopping for a bargain when you're not even certain whether
the goods will arrive (or if the goods will arrive faulty or be of poor quality).

Now you know you'd never sell faulty goods, and that the goods always arrive within a
set time, but how do your site visitors know this?

(I know people that are afraid to buy from a company's website, even though they do
business with the same company offline. Think about that.)

So I ask again: why should I trust you?

"Okay, How Do I Build Trust Online?"

Good question, and you're already ahead of your competition for asking it.

Well, there are a variety of ways to build trust online, to establish credibility, but I'm
only going to consider one powerful possibility here: offer invaluable (and relevant)
information free
, via repeat contact if at all possible.

Or in other words, offer a freebie ebook, email course or report (a bit like the ebook
you're reading right now :-) ).

Here are some examples (some better than others) to explain my point:


Just how easy do you think it is to sell will-writing services online?

Well, Will Drafters Ltd -- a UK-based company -- have a prominent link to a Free
Guide To Making A Will on their website (now called Will Facts). I've signed up to this
course and it's very, very informative. I learned a lot about writing a will, and I definitely
got the impression that Will Drafters know their stuff. And, in return, Will Drafters got
my email address and phone number to follow-up with (which they did -- and, yes, I've
now made a will via Will Drafters Ltd).


This is one of my affiliate mini-sites. Usually, site visitors take a quick look at this site,
and then head off to the main merchant site (in this case The merchant
either makes the sale or it doesn't; either way it's unlikely that site visitors ever return to
my mini-site.

So, I offer a guide to buying a digital camera online, in the hope that I can build a little
bit of trust in my site.


This site aims to be a local site (for local people).

Visit the site, and what's one of the first things that you notice? A link to a free guide to
Eureka Springs, Arkansas, in the left hand side of the site.

And the only way you get to download this guide -- invaluable, I'm sure, if you happen to
live in Eureka Springs or simply want to know more about the place -- is to provide your
email address (and some demographic information about yourself).

A simple demonstration of providing expertise, and collecting an email address in return.

Do you see how this 'freebie stuff' works yet, in building trust and ultimately improving
the number of sales and/or leads that your site generates?

The thing is, you'll be surprised at what you know, that a site visitor might not know.

Example: let's say that you're a web designer. You could provide all sorts of information
about graphic formats, or web hosting, or even website promotion, that complements
your main business of web design. Your 'freebie' would answer (some of) your visitors'
questions, demonstrate your expertise, and hopefully get an email address to follow-up

You don't even have to produce this 'freebie' yourself. You could be super-sneaky, and
simply put together other peoples' articles. It doesn't matter, as long as your visitor
gets useful information and starts to trust you, and you get their email address to
follow-up with.

And if you don't know how to follow-up with a visitor or customer (once you've got their
email address) then I recommend that you sign up to Aweber's Free Test Drive that will
explain all to you, particularly the benefits of so-called follow-up marketing!

By the way, Aweber's Free Test Drive is a great example of demonstrating their expertise.
Check it out!

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