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3 Website Tips

Chapter 2

Promote Tactic:
6 Activities To Successfully Promote Your Website

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Don't you just love reading tips about website promotion!

Sometimes the tips are confusing. Sometimes the tips are dangerous (and can get you
or your site into lots of trouble). Sometimes the tips are contradictory. And sometimes --
very occasionally -- the tips work.

Well, this website promotion Super-Tactic -- six activities, actually -- covers the major
site promotion activities you should undertake, to successfully promote your site. And
they are:

Activity 1: SUBMIT to search engines and directories
Activity 2: BID at pay per click search engines
Activity 3: SPREAD word of mouth
Activity 4: PUBLISH a newsletter
Activity 5: KNOW your visitor
Activity 6: CONTINUE to learn more....

So, without further ado…

Activity 1: SUBMIT to search engines and directories

First of all, be aware that a few major search engines will be responsible for most of
the search engine traffic to your site. Currently, in 2006, there are just 3 major search
engines: Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

So there is absolutely no need to submit your site to 10,000 search engines.

Apart from industry-specific directories that relate to your website or online business --
you'll find these by doing a search at -- I recommend that you only
bother with the major search engines, and a handful of general directories.

So where are the major search engines?

Well, I could list them all in this ebook, but the links may well change or a new major
search engine may emerge or… So, I'll point you to a page that has an updated list of
these search engines and directories
- .

Activity 2: BID at pay per click search engines

"Pay per click to guarantee targeted traffic."

Pay-Per-Click search engines offer you the enticing prospect of a guaranteed search
engine position
(guaranteed, that is, at time of bidding). With the right keywords and the
right bid, your site could feature prominently in all those sponsored listings you see in
search engine results pages (SERPs) and in content websites.

A few of the major pay-per-click search engines are listed below:

You can learn more about pay-per-click search engines via this page
- .

Activity 3: SPREAD word of mouth

Spread word of mouth?

I'm talking about viral marketing, or getting people to your site via any one of several
ingenious means (including adding 'wow-factor' to your site).

There are a variety of examples of adding 'wow-factor' I can mention, that might give
you some ideas. You could:

  • Create a community
  • Offer free stuff
  • Offer a prize or competition
  • Or simply let your imagination run free...
  • Etc.

But you need to take these ideas, and come up with something unique.

The thing is, if I write about a particular viral-marketing strategy here it's, by definition,
not going to work. (The idea has to be original, see!)

Here's an example site. Heard of it?

I suggest that you do a search on Google for viral marketing campaigns and see how
clever (and successful) other people have been. I also recommend that you read this
excellent article by Dr Ralph Wilson: The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing

You could also read about Harvey Segal's Ultimate Supertip -- his viral marketing
response to Google changing its search ranking algorithm, again!

Activity 4: PUBLISH a newsletter

Quite simply, write a newsletter (or ezine) to get your site visitors to return.

Writing a newsletter is the BEST WAY to stay in touch with site visitors and existing
customers. At the very least you can remind them about your website on a regular
basis. But, even better, you get a chance to develop trust between you and your
site visitors
. And on the faceless internet, trust is everything (as I'll explain in
Chapter 3).

Here are a few guidelines to help you publish a successful newsletter or ezine:

  • Make sure you add your personality to your newsletter/ezine
  • Try and publish on the same date, and more than one issue per month
  • Stick to a similar format
  • Proof your newsletter (remove errors) before you publish it
  • Have clear objectives, and meet them
  • Encourage feedback
  • And -- lastly -- keep it short.

Remember, publishing a newsletter/ezine lets you get to know your site visitors and it
lets them get to know you.

Learn more, here:

Activity 5: KNOW your visitor

There are various ways to understand who your visitor is, and where s/he comes from.
These include asking for feedback, tracking the links that they click, understanding your
website stats (web log files), using cookies, personalising your website, using surveys, etc.

To keep things simple, I'll point you in the direction of a couple of articles that can
explain how to go about doing all of the above.



Activity 6: CONTINUE to learn more....

Yes I'm afraid that it's vital that you keep on learning about new ways to promote your
website (or better ways of doing the promotion activities what work for you now).

There are other ways to promote your website, and some of these other methods
may well suit you and your website better. The main point about website promotion
is that it's never finished. You must always continue to promote, and therefore you
must always continue to learn.

This bears repeating. You must always continue to learn.

This Super-Tactic covers the basics of website promotion, and the basics shouldn't
change, but there will always be new opportunities, new methods -- and they won't
all be a waste of time. So stay alert to what's going on in the website promotion world.

I can highly recommend the learning resources listed on this page

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