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Build Income Through Content

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Build Income Through Content is the mantra of Dr Ken Evoy of SiteSell fame.

He says that:

"No matter what kind of business anyone ultimately wants to build on the Net, targeted traffic is the key to greater income. The single best way to generate traffic is to build your own Theme-Based Content Site."

And I happen to agree with him.

Especially when you consider that search engines are starting to rank single-theme sites higher than general portal-style sites. So search engines like the content, AND - guess what! - site visitors like the content too.

The philosophy continues... "your site's high-value content gets the click through to income-generating sites such as...

         ()  Affiliate merchant sites
         ()  Your own online store
         ()  Your sales site that sells your own creations (e.g. e-books)
         ()  Your offer of your professional services"

"An increase in targeted traffic produces more sales which in turn produces more income

"In other words... build income through content."

(Do you see how this long-term philosophy is almost opposite to the make-a-sale approach of building minisites!)

Now you won't be surprised to know that Ken has created a suite of excellent products all of which adhere to this philosophy. In particular, his most ambitious effort - Site Build It! - allows individuals to convert their passion into an online business, absolutely no technical knowledge required!

Quite simply, Site Build It! lets you build income through content. It includes:

Site Build It! o Hosting of Your Site
o Logo-creator and nav-bar maker
o Ezine subscription and delivery
o Build using favourite authoring tool and FTP
o Automatic submission to Search Engines
o Meaningful Search Engine Ranking Reports
o Pay-per-click Research and Mass-bidding
o Profit-Maximizing Click Analysis

It helps you decide on web-page content, and it lets you build the site, too!

"Site Build It! allows ANYONE, even those who aren't the
slightest bit technically inclined
, to build a vibrant,
profitable online business. In short, it eliminates the
technology that so many of us find intimidating. If you
can click a mouse, you can use Site Build It!. "

The process of creating your site - from site concept, to creating content, to building and promoting the site - is all explained in Site Build It!'s excellent Action Guide. An intensive (but DO-able) 10 day process that shows you how to determine the content thats right for you (and your passion). It shows you how to identify suitable income sources, too. In fact, the Action Guide is a worthy read if only to better understand the concept of building income through content.

(You don't even have to purchase Site Build It! to get access to the Action Guide - all members of the SiteSell affiliate program get access to this excellent guide, free!)

Buy I have to be honest, actually understanding what Site Build It! does takes time (that's why I created my own Site Build It! site - about, unoriginally, website promotion - to help).

And that's why the Site Build It! site has been recently re-vamped; it now better explains the true benefits of using it, depending on you who are..

Learn more about Site Build It! here

Steve M Nash

PS Want to know my top tip for succeeding online?

Answer: Use SBI! (Site Build It!).

SBI! (Site Buildt It!) is an all-in-one internet business-building software service that allows people from all walks of life, and with all kinds of skills and desires, to succeed online. How? Well, SBI provides you with the tools to build your site (whether complete beginner or web expert) and a long-term site-building philosophy (see how SBI! works here!) that enables you to create successful content-based websites that both the search engines and your site visitors like. All you have to do is provide your Brain, Attitude and Motivation (or BAM, for short). Simple really, and do-able...

Check out my free guide to SBI! here...


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